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  • Listening to: Coldplay, Chvrches, Madeon, Muse
  • Playing: LOTS of Halo, Forza Horizon 2, AC: Syndicate
So, quite a few people follow me on this website. Odd, considering I don't draw anything. Anyway, I guess I better do a journal or something. Haven't done one in nearly two years.

So, what has been going on in my life? Well, for a start, uh... depression. Anxiety. They really kicked in during 2015. They have left me an emotional wreck more than a few times. This has left me unmotivated in most cases, hence the lack of full videos from myself. Despite that, I managed to get 2 PMV's out last year. I was also part of numerous collabs, and even contributed to Anthology V. What a life, eh?

Other than the video stuff, I went to BronyCon 2015. That was a blast. Got to meet a lot of people for the first time. Would definitely go to another overseas convention. Might go to BronyCAN, but that depends on the generosity of the amazing people I've come to meet.

Oh yeah, have I told you about my amazing friends? They're amazing. They're so caring and kind. But there's one trouble. They think I'm "special". What's up with that? :D

Anyway, quick update was quick. See you all in another 2 years. Unless you follow me on Twitter or YouTube. If you haven't done that, you probably should.


  • Listening to: Coldplay, Icona Pop, Zedd, Madeon, Bastille
  • Playing: Forza Motorsport 5, Trials Fusion, Titanfall
Hello one and all, this is another journal post.

First things first, after over 8 months, I finally released a new PMV for the song "Technicolor" by Madeon. Find it embedded below.


Now that I've got Technicolor out of the way, I can concentrate on the next task in mind: creating a new PMV for PMVToday's Bronycon PMV Contest. I already have a song in mind, and I am currently in the preliminary stages. Keep an eye on Twitter for any updates.

Finally, me and a couple other of pony video editors bunched together to try and get a panel at BUCK 2014. Unfortunately, our hopes were shot right out of the sky. For more details, go in the comments of this here video:

And that's pretty much it. Until next time.


  • Listening to: Madeon, Bastille, Avicii
  • Playing: Forza Motorsport 2 (well, was), GTA Online
So I decided to keep up the whole "1 journal every 3 months" thing... except this one is being written nearly 4 months after the previous one. Whoops.

So, things that are going on:

  • New PMV incoming - If you haven't been paying attention to my YouTube, I released a preview clip of a PMV I'm making for the song "Technicolor" by Madeon. That was uploaded in early December, and it still isn't done. But it will be. Promise. I'm trying to lock down an upload date, but it should be out sometime in February.
  • Am I going to draw ever again? - Maybe. It depends on if I'm feeling up to actually making something... artistic (I use that term very loosely).
  • BUCK 2014 - I went to BUCK last year, and it was absolutely fantastic. Nothing else to say about it. I'm definitely planning on going again this year, and this time, I might make my appearance a bit more public. I would love to meet people who like my video work.
Oh, and I'm planning to get an Xbox One very soon, so if you see more and more gameplay footage on my channel, assume it's from that.

That's about it, really. Keep on being amazing, people.


I really need to pay more attention.

Then again, there really isn't much going on. Released a new PMV at the beginning of August. Got fourth place in a contest. That was nice. I also attended BUCK. That was fun (quite literally). Also had my birthday at the beginning of September. Just another day in the life.

Plans for the future? Pretty standard. I'll make more PMV's (eventually), but I'm hooked on GTA V, and the online comes out on Tuesday. Uh-oh.

Anyway, I suppose that's it. Will I upload anything on this site? Stay tuned!


So I haven't posted a journal entry in 3 months... my bad.

I would type up a lot of stuff to bring people up to speed, but fortunately, I recently uploaded an update video that kinda covers everything.

If you can put up with my bad voice, you can find it here:…

I'll probably be posting more video thumbnails soon. Perhaps wallpapers, if I can learn to Photoshop better.

Anyway, that's it.


So I wanted to try making custom thumbnails for my PMV's. Unfortunately, I'm no good with Photoshop, so they're not brilliant at the moment.

Nonetheless, I have just uploaded the first one (Mad Mares) onto this very site. Go check it out, tell me what you think!

I'm planning to make custom thumbnails for all my new PMV's, as well as some of my old ones from time to time.

Hey, at least I'm uploading something on here, right? :D


So we're starting to settle into the New Year, and I decided to think about plans concerning my YouTube channel and whatnot.

First off, yes, I will continue to make PMV's. However, they may be fewer and further between in this coming year. I really want to make them better and more polished, so I'm taking some time to learn the ins and outs of After Effects. My first PMV of the year may not come until late February or early March because of this.

Second, I'm gonna bring the gaming aspect of my channel into the forefront more. Once the pony hype has died down (and trust me, it will), I will need to have a backup plan, so more gaming videos will be featured, including the possibility of Let's Plays... ;)

Finally (and this is extremely unlikely to happen), I may expand my drawing techniques. I did a quick sketch under pressure of :iconal1563:, and to be honest, even I was surprised on how not crap it was. So I may take some time to actually expand on that.

Also, I want to make pony desktop wallpapers, so that will most likely happen :D

Alright then, I think that covers it. New year is here. Time to expand my horizons.


On this day last year, I uploaded my first PMV! I posted my thoughts of this last year, as well as a glimpse of what was running in my head while making PMV's, in one handy Tumblr post. If you want, go read :)…
New PMV is now available for everyone to enjoy.

Hopefully it won't take me a few months to upload another one.

Anyway, hope you like it!
You know, when you make something that suddenly becomes popular and gets you known within a community, it's really hard to follow up from that. People expect you to make something of similar quality, if not better, and it leaves you with little options.

That's exactly what's happened with my PMV's. Between the release of the Smile Like You Mean It PMV and now, I've had about 7 or 8 PMV projects scrapped or abandoned (Madness is unfortunately one of them).

So... that kinda explains the long gap with no PMV's. My bad. And it could stay that way for a little while long- wait...


Apparently, I might have something up this week.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

OK, done talking now.
Games got in the way of me doing video stuff. Sorry about that.

Had Assassin's Creed 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted come out on the same week. Tried to complete AC3 as quick as I could, but to no avail.

Ah well, that should be it though. Complete AC3, then get on with video editing. But people keep mentioning something called "Halo 4". Apparently, I've known about this and I've had it on pre-order for quite a while. Comes out this Tuesday, apparently. To be honest, I have no idea what they're talking about. I've never heard of these "Halo" games before.

Some people these days, sheesh...

(New PMV info soon, including plans for the culmination of my first year making PMV's!)
So... Madness may not be the next PMV after all.

Doesn't mean it won't be made. It's just that I had an amazing idea, started experimenting, and the results of those experiments were also amazing. So I'm building upon them to (hopefully) make an amazing PMV.

As for Madness, it will be pushed back slightly, but hopefully it will be out by the end of November. Whether it will be my next PMV remains to be seen.

After that... well, on December 17, it will be one year since I released my first PMV, "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall". I am planning to release a new PMV on that date to celebrate the landmark.

And that's about it. Peace.
...when you suddenly have 3 PMV projects active.

Bleh. Well, back to work...




OK, I'm done.
Hmm... so I did.

Enjoy your first glimpse of the new PMV :)
If you get the chance, listen to The xx's new album, "Coexist".

It's so comforting and soothing. It's great to just lay back, listen to it, and let your problems just disappear :)

Even if you're not into comforting music, at least give it a try. You can listen to one of the tracks, called "Angels", here:…

Also, I may have something up on here this week. No guarantees though :P
So... haven't uploaded anything. Still. I do have a couple of ideas for desktop wallpapers but they will come into fruition at a later date. I do have another, quite good idea however.

If you don't know, I make PMV's (Pony Music Videos) on YouTube. These do take quite a while to make, so what I thought of doing is uploading screencaps of the videos onto dA while they're in development. It could give an insight into what goes on when making one, and it presents an opportunity for feedback as well.

So, yay or nay?
Hey, I actually may start using this account. Srs.

I'm no good at drawing. I've already established that. But I'm currently experimenting with vectors as part of a part-time job I'm doing, so I may upload some of the work I do for that onto here!

I'm also interested in creating wallpapers, mainly based around My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (if you're wondering why I like MLP, then you must be new), although I may delve into other franchises as well. My MLP wallpapers may be based around the PMV's (Pony Music Videos) I make on YouTube. If you wish to see these PMV's (not sure why), then visit

And I think that might be it. If I haven't uploaded anything in a month, please remind me to get my arse on here. Thanks :)

See you soon!